A pet friendly Resort

They are part of your family and we are aware of it. Whatever the type of accommodation or pitch you choose, your pet can keep you company even on vacation because he will be welcome. Here are the main pet friendly services you will find in the resort.

Dog Beach

If your friend doesn’t mind the heat and you would like him to keep you company even while you are sunbathing, you can request a sun umbrella assignment at the Dog Beach. This is a fenced area in the PRIVATE BEACH, the sunbathing area adjacent to the water park.
Depending on availability, you may choose to have a fenced umbrella individually or in the common area.

How to reserve the dog beach

Proceed with reservation of your accommodation or pitch and then contact us, so we can add the service and assign the sun umbrella at the Dog Beach. 

Good to know

Entrance is from road No. 1 of the campsite. 

For hygiene reason, we will ask you to keep your friend inside the dedicated area and not to circulate in the area of the water park pools. There is a city ordinance all over the coastline that forbids dogs to enter the beach: if you wish to take a bath in the sea with your friend, we can suggest the Spiaggia di Pluto (a beach for dogs) that you can find at 3 km from the Villaggio in the Faro direction.

Grooming Area

At the camping bathroom group n. 4 you will find a dedicated bathroom for washing or refreshing your friend.

Next to the Dog Beach are available a small pool or a shower to refresh your pet. 

Dog Trainer

An experienced trainer to teach you and your dog some obedience tips, have fun together with agility dog lessons, and learn how to relate to other dogs.
The service is free of charge and is certainly one of the experiences our guests have enjoyed during their stay in the resort.

For free rides there is a fenced area north of the Private Beach or you can take him for a walk in the Resort’s park.

Hygiene bags are available at the entrance of camping or you can ask at the reception staff.

Paws are welcome also at the restaurant, just notify the wait staff of their presence.

Here you can find the daily rate for each pet in Villaggio:

for VILLA – APARTMENT – MOBILE HOMES the daily rate is € 8
for PITCH the daily rate is € 4 in low season and € 7 in high season. 

We have decided for this amount in order to meet our standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Each animal requires more time and care to clean the accommodation. In fact, we use specific antibacterial products, necessary to clean and to meet allergy sufferers. And cleaning is not only for the accommodations, it is also for the continuous cleaning of the common areas, where pets are always welcome!