icona wave villaggio turistico internazionale

Welcome in Villaggio

For over 60 years, we have believed that truly enjoying a vacation is like being reborn.
It is the opportunity to dedicate time to yourself, spend peaceful moments with your family, live suspended in a thoughtless bubble, and then return to reality with a whole new energy.

Take a break. From work, from everyday life, from the usual habits.

Everything you might desire is at one hand, so close to the beach and to the heart of Bibione. You don’t need to carry your watch with you, enjoy every minute of your day and take things easy: there are no pressing rhythms here, only new opportunities to spend your time.

Let the sun caress your skin, breathe deeply the salty perfume of the sea and the scent of the pine trees, enjoy a great dinner in company with your loved ones.
Find the ideal experience for you, from the comfort of a villa to the outdoor life of the campsite and enjoy the freedom of a bike excursion to the lighthouse or a swim at the pools.

Do whatever makes you happy.

And, if you want, go back to being a child: run, jump, laugh and play from the sunrise to the evening, with the carefree and freedom in your eyes and the smile of someone who has fun in absolute safety.

Feel like at home, we’ll take care of your holiday.