icona wave villaggio turistico internazionale

An inclusive resort, a barrier free holiday in Veneto

The Villaggio Turistico Internazionale joins the “Bibione Destination 4All” project, an avant-garde path to promote the spirit of the accessible tourism, involving all the professionals of the sector. Besides the overcoming of the architectural barriers, there is the culture of the hospitality, the care and the well-being. Our commitment, over the years, is to make the spirit of the holiday alive for everyone, without worries.

The Villaggio Turistico Internazionale is placed in a big flat area. The main road of Bibione divides the resort into two areas: “zona villaggio” (resort area) and the “zona mare” (sea area).

In the first one you can find all the villas and the mobile homes “Pineda” while the second one is characterized by the area for the pitches and for the most part of the mobile homes.

Near the reception you can find a residential complex composed by numerous apartments that are equipped with a slope with a declivity of 13% at the entrance and they are placed on different floors linked with elevators (90x119x140) with normal push button.

The services available to the guests are placed in different points and the paths to reach them are in tiles, with a declivity of maximum 8%. For you and your family, there is the possibility to ask and use the following aids: n.3 beach wheelchairs and n.1 pool lift.

Resort area

The parking area is built in tiles and 1 parking lot is reserved for people in possession of the European Disabled Parking Permit.
The tennis field (available also for Five-a-side football) is made in synthetic grass, while the playground is made in grass and sand; near them there are an equipped toilet that has a WC with a front opening, 48 cm high, and can be approached from the front and from the left, plus a hand shower and grab bars on both sides; there is also a roll-in shower with a foldable seat and grab bars.

The self-service laundry, reachable by an aluminum ramp, is furnished with a front loading washing machine with a push button height of 80 cm.

The Restaurant “Al Villaggio” is certified AIC – Italian Celiac Association, it is furnished with square tables that have a centrale leg with 74 cm space underneath, and, upon request, kitchen can prepare menus for children, vegetarians, vegans and food intolerants.

The available accommodations are 485, those who are certified are Villa Anna Plus n. 101, 103 and 105.

The villas, with a 5 cm step at the entrance, have two double bedrooms furnished with 47 cm high movable beds and the kitchen has an 88 cm high hob and table with a useful space of 70 cm below. The bathroom has a 42 cm high floor toilet with the possibility of left side access, a bidet and a floor shower with a 95 cm entrance.

Sea Area

At the entrance of the resort, on one side you can find the reception with a counter of 72 cm high, and the Bibo’s Caffè, both reachable without any problems, on the other side, through an aluminum slope with a declivity of 4%, there are the Bazar and the Supermarket that sell food products for people with specific needs. The hygienic service of the Bibo’s Caffè has a floor-standing WC, 48 cm high – frontal and right approach – grab bars on both sides.

The semi-Olympic size pool with slide is reachable thanks to a ramp in tiled with a declivity of 9%, while the waterpark with water at level ground, is equipped with sun beds and beach umbrellas; all the pools are heated, and they have a gate for the access of strollers and wheelchairs.
In June 2016, it was inaugurated the new relax area with split-level pools, always with water at level ground, equipped with whirlpool and beach with effervescent casts.

The ground floor and the first floor of the waterpark are accessible through a sloping ramp. In this area there is the Bibo’s Pool bar and bathroom equipped for disabled people, which has a floor-standing WC with a front opening, 50 cm high, that can be approached from the right and grab bars on both sides.

Adjacent to the water park there is a new area, the VTI Private Beach, both in sand and in grass, furnished with sun umbrellas and king size loungers. A fenced area, the Dog Beach, is dedicated to guests accompanied by their 4-legged friend. 

The sandy play area for children – Mini-Club – is delimited and at certain times of the day it is possible to use the entertainment service.
To all sport lovers there are large spaces, even covered, to train with professionals.



The Restaurant Pizzeria “Al Mare”, reachable with a 5 cm high step or with a ramp with a handrail and a declivity of 8%, is furnished with square tables with a central leg with feet that branch out and a space of 74 cm underneath. The kitchen, upon request, can serve specific menus for coeliac, children, vegetarians and food intolerants.

In the camping area, the toilette blocks where you can find equipped bathrooms are located in streets 6, 15 and 19; all have a floor-standing toilet with front opening, hand shower and grab bars on both sides; wall-hung washbasins and floor shower with resealable seat and handle.

The sea public promenade, a flat paved path, can be reached with a path with a 9% slope and from here it is possible to reach the beach, where the walkways are made of concrete both vertical and horizontal to the sea, and reach under some sun umbrella positions. Guests have 2 job chairs available for entry into the water.