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If you are looking for an active, pure wellness holiday then you are at the right place. We have created an all-inclusive fitness programme that will allow you to continue your training even during your stay in the Villaggio and to access all those specialities you have never had the chance to try. A team of fitness professionals, led by Dr Cristiano Lollo, will follow you during your workouts. The programme is developed on several levels, so that even those who are not very experienced can participate. Each week we will also introduce special lessons with presenters from all over Italy, so you can always experience a different activity, while having fun and keeping fit.

Body & Mind

Olistic activities are the perfect mix of body and mind, conscious breathing and meditation practices.
Try a new vision of wellness

Up & Fun

It’s the most funny part of the programme. It will make you jump and sweat and will feel you full of energy for the rest of the day. Recharge yourself….

Our team

Meet our Pro. They are ready to guide you to discover the balance between body and mind. Your holiday will be full of new and intense experiences for your well-being…

Body & Mind

Discover your body and live each movement with awareness and intention. Olistic activities are the perfect mix of body and mind, conscious breathing and meditation practices. Try a new vision of wellness by perceiving a much more functional body and a calmer mind.

Our offer: Olistic Workout®, Yoga Basic, Qi Well®, Stretching of the energy meridians, Pilates MatWork, Postural gymnastics, Yoga at the dawn, Pranayama & Meditation.

It combines elements of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi with elements of free-body functional training. The lesson consists of several phases: from physiological activation to a balance phase and then a workout focusing on endurance. The lesson ends with the “Om Meditation training” that focuses on breathing and meditation through Pranayama sequences. At the end of each class, you will have the feeling of a new, agile, flexible, functional body, combined with a state of profound psychological well-being that only millennia-old Eastern breathing techniques, combined with Western relaxation disciplines, can give.

Yoga Basic

A yoga lesson in which you will be offered the fundamental Asanas taken from ‘Hata yoga’ techniques. A soft approach also for beginners, to discover the benefits of this activity that for thousands of years has helped all those who practice it to face daily life with serenity and inner well-being.

Qi Well®

In the Qi Well you will find the style of holistic disciplines, with a more zen-like meaning: a sequence of Qi Gong movements, a part dedicated to stretching the energy meridians and mobility of the spine, and a final part with postural gymnastics and realignment exercises taken from the Mézierès method. Work on your energy, you will have the feeling of a more posturally ‘aligned’ body. Qi Well is one of our guests’ favorite class. Taking part in the lessons will allow you to get to know the discipline during your holiday, but it will also allow you to continue practicing during the winter months.

Stretching of the energy meridians

This is a specific lesson on stretching the energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, which in pairs, a Yin meridian and a Yang meridian, channel your subtle energy to the main organs. Due to blockages caused by fears, muscular tension, incorrect postural patterns, these channels are often subject to an interruption in the flow of our life energy. Stretching is essential to unblock them and reach the point of balance (Homeostasis).

Pilates MatWork

Pilates is one of the most popular disciplines among fitness enthusiasts and to include it in our programme was a must. Just think that this discipline was invented back in 1920 by Joseph Pilates. It is based on several principles that allow our spine to move in a healthy and conscious manner, through beneficial ‘axial stretching‘ and at the same time involving all the kinetic chains of the body with a particular focus on the core muscles.

Postural gymnastics

Each of us, more or less, can benefit from postural realignment. Our postures are in fact often conditioned by our sedentary work, our emotional tensions and the functionality of our visceral system also known as our second brain. Through static exercises using the floor and a wall to facilitate global realignment, you can rediscover a new body, perceiving it as ‘re-aligned’ as it has never been before.

Yoga at the dawn

Imagine yourself on the beach, only the sound of the sea waves in the background, enjoying the most beautiful moment of the day as the energy of a new day dawns. Your mind has not yet been activated and your body is not wearing the burdens of the day, and these two factors, combined with an activating practice, will allow you to really recharge your batteries. This is definitely one of the activities we recommend you try.

Pranayama & Meditation

Pranayama represents the fourth of the eight stages of disciplining the mind. Through relaxation techniques, autogenic training and conscious breathing you rediscover a new feeling of relaxation, inner peace and well-being.

Up & Fun

It’s the most fun part of the programme, the part that will make you jump and sweat and that will keep you buzzing with energy throughout the day. Recharge your energy with our training and workouts. The classes are designed for everyone. Yes, even for you!

All activities: Zumba, Functional Circuit, TRX or suspension training, Aquafitness, Artistic Gymnastics

Do you like Latin rhythms? Then this is the right class for you. Through dance and movements accompanied by salsa, merengue and bachata you will have fun and enjoy an aerobic workout. You will benefit your cardiovascular and respiratory system and burn calories. Zumba has always been one of the most engaging ‘moods’ of contemporary musical fitness.

Functional Circuit

The lesson is divided into stations, for each you will use a different tool: medicine ball, ropes, bosu, elastic bands and kettlebell. You will be supervised by a pair of instructors who will show you how to use them correctly and guide you through this very training proposal, taking your cardiovascular and respiratory system to a medium-high degree of commitment.

TRX or suspension training

This is one of the ultimate functional fitness experiences. Through the use of specific cables attached to the tensile structure, the personal trainer will propose work patterns and functional movements, using the weight of your body in suspension as the only load. It is a type of training suitable for all ages and needs, especially for those who cannot overload their joints: you can still train with an overload that is simply your own body weight, managing the intensity through the starting position.


Of all the proposals, this is the one that is most popular with our public in terms of participation. The appointment is at the pool, every day: we alternate equipment and type of workout, moving from water aerobics to water toning, water kinesiotherapy, water Latin, water round the world and water GAG. In addition to being a lot of fun, it is particularly suitable for people with walking or functional mobility problems as it is based on the principle that water supports much of the body’s weight. 

Artistic Gymnastics

This is a specific activity dedicated to the youngest and preparatory to learning a wonderful discipline that is part of the Olympic disciplines. We offer introductory courses in artistic gymnastics and courses for an intermediate to advanced level. Children will be supervised by real artistic gymnastics professionals.  The introductory class is conducted in the form of a game and the child’s simple and complex coordination skills are enhanced. Subsequently, our young athletes are guided through the fundamentals of artistic gymnastics on a free-body basis.

In the middle-advanced course, we take care of children who already have basic experience in artistic gymnastics, offering them motor patterns and exercises at a more advanced level.

Meet our team of professionals

Dott. Cristiano Lollo

Master Trainer

Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science. Creator of the Holistic Workout training method and coordinator of the fitness activities in the resort.


Pro Trainer

Wellness professional since 1994. Master Trainer in Holistic Workout, Postural Gymnastics Trainer, Master in Functional Recovery, Pilates Matwork and Advanced.


Fitness Pro

2nd level technician. Senior personal trainer at the Italian Weightlifting Federation. Zin and FIT instructor. Graduate in modern and contemporary dance. Degree in exercise science.


Pro Trainer

Federal Technician CONI, Artistic Gymnastics Instructor, Psychomotor.

Fitness presenters of the 2023 season

Monika Flores

Pilates & Total Tone

Lenka Matasova

Functional Fitness & Step

Sabina Fornaro


Michela Smania

Fitdance & Acquafitness

Piero Barbato

Step, Aerobics, Athletic Challenge

Jerry Tadeu De Souza Correira Jr.

Revolution Sambafit & Reggaetone

Luca De Nigro


Mihail Bordea

Dance4All, Step & Dynamic Natural Movement

Lucilla Ridolfi

Functional Gym, Pound & Tonification

Reidel Duran Leon & Ornella Mormone

Partner Training Extreme by Insanity-T® Fit, Zumba, Step

Giacomo Piccoli

Step&Fun, You Can Dance, GAG

Alessandra Pelonara

Pilates & Postural Gym

Manuel Granata

Sambafit & Pound

Clara Chiettini

Balla e Brucia®