Green Emotions

Our Green Mission

Running a tourist facility is a bit like running a small town: the energy flows, the resources and materials involved are very significant and different, the repercussions on the environment cannot be overlooked.

We believe in a sustainable tourism and make investments that reduce environmental impact. We have always tried to grow the resort with a blick of an eye on the the best knowledge and technologies
We are among the first tourism operators to obtain environmental certification ISO14001 – monitoring all major impacts and establishing how they should be managed – and we supported EMAS certification for the city of Bibione from the very beginning. 

Respect for the environment and for people is therefore part of our history and our founding values, but today we want to do more: we are aware that addressing the major environmental issues of our time (climate change, resource depletion, pollution and all that this entails for society and the environment) requires a change of pace and a decisive assumption of responsibility.

We believe that tourism businesses can also be an active part of this global challenge that affects us all, and that is why, starting with an analysis of the impacts of our resort, we have drawn up our sustainability vision, which we are committed to achieving by 2030.


Our vision, our future

We really want to be one of the leading and outstanding company in Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality industry, setting trends in Europe. Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability is part of this vision, and it can be summarized in these topics:

  • offer to you a holiday that respects nature, with eco-friendly facilities;
  • move without emissions;
  • use resources in a responsible manner, favouring organic and reusable materials and products obtained in a sustainable way;
  • process food with attention to quality and less impact as possible;
  • reduce waste and emissions, with particular attention to the circular economy;
  • respect the needs of guests, employees and all the persons touched by our activity;

This vision is translated into a strategic plan that will enable us to achieve increasingly challenging goals between now and 2030, and that will allow us to take part in the global effort to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the coming years, we will therefore be engaged in a continuous process of improvement, with certainly greater commitment and effort, equal to the challenges that await us, in order to continue to provide you with unforgettable moments, leaving, with your help, the world a little better than we found it ❤.

The meaning of a green holiday

Integrating a leisure facility into the natural landscape means minimising its impact on the environment. It means taking care and preserving the existing tree heritage with coordinated actions, having the assistance of experts in agronomy and specialised companies. It means designing the greenery with native species (stone pine, arbutus, mastic tree, oleander) so as to perpetuate the existing vegetation, use products of organic origin for treatments.

Combining architecture and nature is a challenge but, when planning and projecting, we pay particular attention to blend the buildings with the surrounding landscape. Facilities should not exceed a height of 7.50 metres and new areas are designed trying to increase the surrounding greenery with gardens and flowers.

We have a dream: to see children free to play and families riding bicycles around the resort.
Every year we invest in reorganising and improving the resort, we insert new walking and cycling paths and green areas that serve the dual purpose of enhance the appearance of the villaggio and keeping the heat and radiation down during the summer months.

Your holiday will be more pleasant and cooler.

We are gradually reorganising parking areas with the aim of moving them to areas peripheral to the resort. Eliminating vehicular mobility lowers the emissions responsible for air pollution and improves the air we breathe.

This helps reduce noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing holiday in full freedom of movement, accompanied by the sounds of nature!

Le mobile home rispondono al criterio del Design for Disassembling e sono la massima espressione di una vacanza green: sono rimovibili, non richiedono consumo di suolo, sono facilmente riciclabili e smantellabili alla fine del loro ciclo di vita.

Mobile homes meet the Design for Disassembling criteria and are the high expression of a green holiday: they are removable, do not require land consumption, are easily recyclable and can be dismantled at the end of their life cycle.

For existing buildings we choose the requalification investing in energy performance improvements and energy-saving measures. Insulation, high-efficiency fixtures and appliances, renewable and environmentally friendly materials, photovoltaic and solar systems for the production of clean and renewable energy.

How does sustainability taste?
It tastes of fresh fish from the Veneto lagoon, of dishes prepared with quality raw materials cooked at low temperatures to preserve their nutrients, it tastes of a balanced plate, designed with passion and care.

In our restaurants you can choose to be sustainable: just choose a Green Emotions dish, the symbol that identifies all sustainable activities in the resort.