A gift that has the taste of summer

The Gift Card is perfect for you

A holiday voucher, to gift the excitement of a stay at our resort and surprise your loved ones with a special thought.

What are the benefits of the Gift Card:

  • It is customizable with a dedication;
  • Very simple, fill in the fields with the beneficiary’s date and the happy one will receive your gift by email;
  • You decide the value of the gift card;
  • The Gift Card can be used as a deposit for a new reservation or as the balance of the stay, including any supplements;
  • The beneficiary of the gift card can be used for one year.
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Terms and conditions

Your Gift Card
  • is valid until 31/12/2024.
  • can be used as down payment for a new reservation, to pay the balance of your stay or to add more services to an already active reservation at the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale.
  • The use of the Gift Card to add services or for a new stay is subject to availability and to the existing booking conditions.
  • The Card is non-transferable and may only be used by the holder as written in the Card.
  • It is not redeemable for cash and has no value if not used by the expiry date. We inform you that we cannot extend its validity under any circumstances.
  • You may use it for more than one transaction: the amount to be paid will be deducted from the total credit.
  • The Gift Card can be combined with other forms of payment. Any amount exceeding the card value can be paid in cash or with the credit cards accepted by Villaggio.
  • The Gift Card may not be sold, auctioned or raffled, promised as an incentive or reward by third parties, to induce individuals or legal persons to enter into commercial or other agreements. Should the Card be obtained by any of these methods, its value shall not be recognized in any way.