Wi-Fi network

A hi-tech village, looking at the future!

freewifiKeeping in contact on social networks with your friends is easy at the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale: the Wi-Fi is FREE!
The signal covers all the village, beach included.

What's New in 2017 You will be able to use the wireless service also within the accommodations.
Chalets and mobile homes with PLUS option and Suites have included in price Wi-Fi connection for 2 mobile devices.

The maximum speed of Wi-Fi Free is 1 Mbps, if you need a powerful connection we suggest you to buy our packages of 1 day, 1 week or 15 days.

Where to buy the service
To receive your username and password you will need to ask at the Reception.

You can choose from these types of connections:
1 day (valid for your mobile device)
1 week (valid for your mobile device)
15 days (valid for your mobile device)

Before paying, we suggest you to control that in your device is activated the Wi-Fi option and that, in the area where you think to use mostly the connection, there is a sufficient signal to access in internet.
Attention! We remind you that the codes are strictly personal: according to the Italian Law, you are responsible of the visited sites and the dates that you up/download.

How it works?
To get the signal and connect to the network you have to follow these instructions (only for the first time): A) ACCESS TO WI-FI NETWORK
- turn your device on
- be sure that wi-fi search function is on
- wait for the wifi connections list
- select "VTI" network if you have a PLUS option or payed password, select “VTI-FREE” if you need to use the free network
- wait for the connection confimation B) LOGIN AND AUTHENTICATION
- open your browser (for ex. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari)
- wait for the authentication panel
- insert your Username and Password (in case of free Wi-Fi the system will ask for accommodation number and name of reservation)
- if the connection is ok, you will be able to browse.

- 1 hour = Euro 2,00 (this connection is available only for Internet Cafè, using VTI devices)
- 24 hours = Euro 4,00
- 1 week = Euro 15,00
- 2 weeks = Euro 30,00

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