amici animaliIn Villaggio Turistico Internazionale your Pets are welcome, in every accommodation’s type (apartment, chalet, mobile home) and in all our pitches!

You’ll can walk with them in the whole Village, through the park and all the green areas. Then they could have a refreshing bath in the suitable tubs near the car wash.
We remind you that it is compulsory the use of the leash!
Pets cannot enter into the pools’ area, inside restaurants (for sanitary reasons) and on the beach (forbidden by San Michele al Tagliamento’s municipality). In alternative, if you’d like to go to the beach with your little Friends, then you could reach a public beach area near the lighthouse, or you could spend a day in “Pluto’s beach”. You’ll find both about 3km far from VTI!
Daily price for each pet is Euro 7,00 in pitches or Euro 8,00 in accommodation.

We’d like to specify that these costs are not related to the number of attractions or activities that we offer to pets, but above all they are referred to the time and the specific products that we need to clean the accommodations (to avoid allergic reactions in other sensitive Guests) and the constant care and cleanness of all the green areas, where pets can freely go.

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale wish also to you, dear 4-paws-Friends, the best of holidays!