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Ensure your holiday!

Book without worries!

Don’t hesitate! Book now your holiday without worries: with a little extra charge you can ensure your holiday and leave without troubles!

What is Booking Protection?

Is the insurance that protects your holiday from any trouble that can happen to you or to your family.

Advantages for you

Booking Protection guarantees you the refund in case of delay, cancellation of the holiday and also in case of interruption of it for these causes: sickness or accident of you or a family member, difficulties in reaching the destination or the resort.

How it works?

You have already confirmed your holiday paying the deposit and now you can subscribe the insurance policy. You have time till 12.00 pm of the day after deposit payment to ensure your holiday.

Choose between the two links below to receive your personal quotation. You will need to fill in the form with these information:

  • Number of persons you need to ensure
  • Date of booking confirmation
  • Date of check-in and check-out
  • Amount to ensure

You will get your quotation immediately. The insurance cost depends on the number of guests, the length of stay and the amount to ensure.
Click here to have your quotation and choose the best solution for you:


If the Allianz web site doesn’t work, please send an email to  bookingprotection@allianz-assistance.it You should write all the information about you and your stay, as well as the confirmation date. Allianz will contact you for the purchase of the policy after 48 hours from the confirmation of the stay. The insurance contract is done directly between the client and Allianz. The Villaggio Turistico Internazionale acts only as an intermediary between the two parties, therefore, is not in any way responsible for the contractual obligations arising from the execution of the said contract.