If you want to experience an active holiday, you’re in the right place!

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale takes special care of sport lovers. We organize a rich sport program that will let you stay in shape and, at the same time, have fun. The program is weekly organized. You will be able to play different sports all over the day! These are some of our proposals:

nordic walking  NORDIC WALKING is a sport activity that is performed open air, practiced on the beach early in the morning. You’ll train gently, without straining your articulations. You’ll gain control over your breathing, muscles’ strengthening of your arms, legs and pectorals. Nordic walking is practiced on the shore or in shallow water: the cross-country skiing’s typical movement is reproduced with the aid of special sticks. Thanks to this movement you’ll make your muscles stronger!
risveglio muscolare 

MUSCLE TONING can be a good practice during your stay in Villaggio Turistico Internazionale!
The aim of this training is to arouse the peripheral circulation through slow movements tied with breath. It is ideal for everybody. It takes place in the Fitness Area on the beach.

power stretchingPOWER STRETCHING is a new fitness discipline with yoga’s and stretching’s elements. This activity can be practiced together with Step, Jump or Body tonic lessons, because it enhances your posture, joint mobility, coordination of movements and muscles tone. It takes place in the Fitness Area on the beach.

If you are following a good and complete fitness program, you can't miss these STEP sessions. Using particular platforms and following the music’s rhythm, your legs’ muscles will be toned and your circulation/breathing will certainly enhance. Whether you are young or not, you can participate.


and G.A.G.  is a complete fitness program that allows you to enhance your muscle efficiency and cardiovascular resistance. It will be easier for you to stay fit: music, energy and rhythmic movements will better both body and mind. Attending the “GAG” version, lessons are focused to your legs, gluteus and abdominal muscles with the use of specific equipment.
pilates PILATES is a training type that was developed from 1920 by the homonymous trainer and its aim is enhance your movements and your strength without concentrate on the muscle power. Following pilates’ lessons you’ll reach mental concentration, control, movement’s fluency and breathing’s awareness.
fit n boxe FIT&BOXE is different from the Boxe because there is no real physic contact with an hypothetical opponent: the aim of this sport activity is always release stress and tensions, but against a punchbag. These are the Fit&Boxe’s elements: body tonic mixed with martial Arts always accompanied with music. You’ll stay fit with the best fun!
power jumpPOWER JUMP is a new fitness discipline and it is a modern evolution of the more famous Step.
During the lessons you will use a special elastic trampoline and you’ll jump enhancing your balance and coordination. Improve yourself! Lessons are at the Fitness Area on the beach.
acquagym WATER AEROBICS is an activity that you’ll practice in water following the music’s rhythm. Everybody can do it and it is a really complete training that enhance your muscle tone and flexibility. It is ideal for women: thanks to water’s movement, the circulation will be enhanced and the water retention will be reduced. Lessons take place on the beach and in "Trifoglio" Pool.

balli di gruppo

Also dancing is an activity that belongs to our Fitness&Sport’s program! Dancing together or attending one or more dance courses will let you have fun and keep in shape! Don’t lose the chance to learn new choreographies and meet new friends: Hip Hop, Caribbean dances, Arabian dance…our Animation Team is waiting for you!

For our little Guests we have a special program of ARTISTIC GYM. Qualified teachers, training courses blended with simple playing activities will let your kids discover this amazing sport.

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