Tuv - Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

certificato14001tuvDo you know that every time you come on holiday to the Villaggio Turisitico Internazionale you get in touch with the surrounding environment?

Yes, on one side we see new places, we have fun playing on the beach and we discover many land's aspects, related also to the local population and its traditions. But on the other side, we produce garbage, we consume water, energy and other natural resources.

However, there are many things we could do to limit the negative impact on the environment and to develop a sustainable tourism enjoying a clean environment. Villaggio Turistico Internazionale is sensitive to take care to the environmental quality and the customer’s satisfaction, and for these reasons it adopts a Management System for the Quality and the Environment that involves all of us: board of management, staff and guests.

Our system helps us and teaches us to:

  • prevent and reduce the environmental impacts that can arise directly or indireclty from the activities held in the camp sites, according to the principle of a steady increase in quality and quantity of the services delivered to the customer, respecting the environment and the legislation;
  • identify the wastes and those situations where there isn’t a good management of the natural resources and therefore control and limit their consumption;
  • search for innovative products and technologies that allow to continuously improve the environmental efficiency in the process management and the services delivered.
  • teach and make aware our staff and all people who work for the organization, so that the present policy can be concretely shared and implemented and periodically riexamined by the Board of Management;
  • develop self-control plans and procedures to prevent and manage emergency situations and environmental risks;
  • provide a continuous updating and adaptation to the working safety regulations, to provide an education program for all collaborators of the organization;
  • catch any advice coming from our guests, from the authorities or other involved parties, that can provide a better management with the aim of the quality of the services and the respect of the environment in the camp site;
  • participate to the Emas project of Bibione's e-tourist resort.

We wish a pleasant holiday to all our Guests and good work to all our employees. Help us to pollute less!

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale

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