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mascotte 3According to the Order 23/2011, every Italian municipal administration is free to applt a touristic tax in its territory. Bibione belongs to San Michele al Tagliamento’s Administration and this tax was introduced from 2013 in our context, using the following terms (we are going to indicate only VTI’s rate):

- The tax of € 0,50 a day will be applied from 01/05 to 30/09
- The tax will be applied to all Guests (except of children under 2 years old) and to every overnight stay (up to maximum of 10 consecutive nights).

For further information, we are glad to stay at your disposal.


Cash: The Italian Law (D.L. 201/2011) imposes to pay by cash only amount less than € 3.000,00 for each individual transaction. If the transaction involves a cash employment of € 3.000,00 or a higher amount, it’s mandatory to use alternative means of payment such as credit cards, not negotiable cheques, bank transfers. It’s prohibited to split a single amount of € 3.000,00 or more into different payments in order to stay below the expected threshold. The violation is punished with a fine for the seller of 1% to 40% of the transferred amount, with a minimum fine of € 3.000,00 (€ 15.000,00 for violations exceeding € 50.000,00).

Accepted credit cards: Maestro, MasterCard, CartaSì, Eurocard, Visa. We don't accept American Express and Diners. Before the arrival, we recommend to check the daily/monthly withdrawal limit of your credit card (plafond).



bibo vigileAccording to our regulation, Villaggio Turistico Internazionale obeserves silence from 23.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. and from 13.00 p.m to 15.00 p.m. During these times, we invite you to avoid to take part in activities or games, to make use of equipment or to behave in a way you could disturb other Guests. Therefore, we remind you that during these hours camp site entrance is close to motor vehicles, cars or motorcycles (the last ones can enter only with their engine switched off): it is forbidden to enter or leave the site or circulate within it using motor vehicles.



We remind you that it is forbidden to smoke in every Villaggio Turistico Internazionale's accommodation's type (chalets, mobile homes, apartments, rooms)

In 2014 was introduced a smoking ban on Bibione's beach, limited to the area between the shoreline and the first row of sun umbrellas prepared by Bibione's Administration or by private structures (as our Villaggio).

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