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Page updated on the 18.07.2021
Measures valid from the 7th June, pending new provisions

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Your summer in Bibione is about to begin and do you still have questions about the measures connected to Covid-19? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Guests:

1. How to deal with travelling and with the night curfew?

On 4th June, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Minister for Health Roberto Speranza announced in a press conference the new regulations that will be effective starting from June 7th. COVID cases are going down and the vaccination campaign is going well.
Since November, Italy has been divided into three zones: yellow (safer), orange (medium risk) and red (high risk) classifying regions into colored zones according to how critical the Rt index is (rate of transmission).

The Veneto Region has been in the WHITE area since June 7th and travel between regions in the white and yellow areas is allowed. In addition, people with the "green pass", are also allowed to travel between the regions and autonomous provinces in an orange or red zone.  Actually, in Veneto there is no curfew, guests can circulate freely.

Entries to Italy from all countries (except San Marino and Vatican) are subject to the obligation to fill in the digital location form

Since 24.05.2021 all people arriving in Italy by any means of transport will be required to fill in the Passenger Location Form (Digital Passenger Local Form – dPLF) by connecting to the website:

https://app. euplf. eu/#/

The registration to the site requires the creation of a personal account; for the compilation the wizard procedure is followed.
The traveller will receive the dPLF by e-mail.
A form must be completed for each adult passenger.
Accompanied minors can be registered in the accompanying adult form.
For unaccompanied minors, the dPLF form must be completed by their guardian before departure.

Entries from States and territories included in List C

In addition to the completion of the dPLF template, all persons who have stayed or transited during the 14 days prior to entering Italy in one or more States and territories listed in List C of Annex 20 of the dpcm 2 March 2021 (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark – including the Faeroe Islands and Greenland -, Estonia Finland, France (including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Réunion, Mayotte and excluding other territories outside the European mainland), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands (excluding territories outside the European mainland), Poland, Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia Slovenia, Spain – including territories on the African continent -, Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Principality of Monaco) on their return to Italy they must:

  • Show negative molecular or antigenic buffer performed within 48 hours prior to entry into Italy
  • In the absence of a negative result of the buffer, the following shall be required:
    • Sanitary isolation for 10 days at the address indicated in the dPLF form
    • Underwriting at the end of the isolation

Entries from countries on lists D and E

In addition to the completion of the dPLF template, for entries from the other countries on Lists D and E (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, as well as other countries and territories with low epidemiological risk identified, among those on List E, by ordinance adopted pursuant to the Article 6, paragraph 2. and all States and territories not expressly mentioned elsewhere) it is necessary:

  • Negative molecular or antigenic buffer test performed within 72 hours prior to entry into Italy
  • Reach your final destination in Italy only by private means
    • Submit to solitary confinement and health surveillance for 10 days
    • Underwriting at the end of the isolation

2. Should I need to present the results of the swab to enter the resort?

We will not ask our Guests to provide us with the result of the swab, it is not up to us to verify the origin, any subjection to prescriptive measures or their compliance. 

If you are not sure how to proceed, we can suggest you this very useful questionnaire that you can find on the Viaggiare Sicuri website. By answering a few questions and in real time you will have all the answers on any travel restrictions, tests and/or declarations to be submitted.

Good to know: Swabs and anti Covid-19 serological tests are available at the Bibione Thermae, only 200 meters far from the resort (a reservation for test is required). 

3. Are the pools open?

Of course, the most beautiful waterpark of Bibione awaits you!
This year, however, there are some new rules to follow:

  • the entrance to the tanks will be controlled and regulated according to the government provisions currently in force
  • the legislation requires to take a soapy shower before each entry into the tub
  • it is NO longer necessary to use a bathingcap! 

The slides will be manned by our staff to regulate the flow and ensure the distances, for the enjoyment and serenity of all guests.

Is it possible and safe to swim in the pool? Yes, the chlorine contained in the swimming pool water is constantly monitored. The crowding density in the tank is calculated with an index of 4 sq. of water surface per person.

4. Which services there are now in use?

The starts of the services inside the Village are foreseen with a different calendar. Currently you will find for you:

Bathroom Camping 1 
Bathroom Camping 2 
Bathroom Camping 4
Bathroom Camping 5 private bathrooms available only
Bibo's Beach Bar is not available, but the bars of the other establishments nearby are in use
Bibo's Cafè (near the reception)
Bibo's Grill Bar 
Bibo's Pool Bar 
Bicycle and golf car rental 
Gym (opening hours with professional trainer: 10:00-13:00 )
Junior Club 
Self-service laundry 
(opening time: 7.30-12.30 and 16:00-19:30)

Restaurant “Al Mare”
Restaurant “Al Villaggio" 
The mini electric train of the resort is operating 

  - Family Pool with mushroom
  - Faro Pool with the red slide
  - Fun Pool with the yellow slide
  - Relax Pools with whirlpools  are actually operating
  - Trifoglio Pool
Pools are heated, the temperature is about 26-28°C
Opening time: Waterpark 10:00-18:00, Fun Pool 9:30-18:30 

5. Which security measures have you taken?

Those who already know us know that we have always invested a lot of energy in cleaning and sanitizing environments. Our operating standards, adopted since 1990 and certified by TÜV, are continuously updated and provide for constant inspections. The introduction of a new sanitation protocol created last season to deal with Covid 19, allowed us to make our guests enjoy a holiday with peace of mind and made sure that everything proceeded in the best way. The protocol will also be effective for the 2021 season, with some improvements:

  • Sanitation twice/ three times a day of all common areas with certified machinery and specific disinfectant products
  • All sports equipment used by the entertainment staff and guests will be sanitized, bicycles/mini cars before and after delivery, electric train at each passenger change
  • The protocol will be applied to all the accommodations: we use dedicated cloths for cleaning each room and certified alcohol-based detergents. Before your arrival, we sanitize the accommodations using disinfection cleaning agents and also ozone or hydrogen peroxide sanitation machines
  • On the beach and in the swimming pools, the sanitation of sunbeds, walkways and other materials will be guaranteed, using ecological products with low environmental impact. As for social distancing, you will find sun umbrellas and sunbeds positioned according to the provisions, our staff will pay attention to make sure that everyone respects the distances and no gatherings are formed and will sanitize surfaces and materials every time they are used
  • You will find many sanitizing gel dispensers in the common areas
  • Our staff is trained to apply all prevention and protection measures, for their own safety and that of the Guests. Procedures are already in place since last year for all suppliers and technical assistance companies that have access to the resort.

6. Is entertainment operating now?

The entertainment team of the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale awaits you!
Together with them we have devised and implemented a program to be carried out in complete safety, in full compliance with the rules and social distancing. A new form of entertainment, which looks to the future but starts from the key principles on which the Anima Vera Animation is based: : involvement, activities for young and old and above all, a lot of fun!

Which are the methods of accessing to the activities? All entertainment activities are preferably by reservation and with a limited number, in order to guarantee distance and safety for guests and operators.


Which one are possible to do? From now, all the activities are possible, including teamwork. Our Animation Team is ready to welcome you with labs for children, fitness activities, individual and group sports, evening entertainment. Soon you can play again beach volleyball on the beach! 
Are you curious to discover our program in advance?
Download the BiboApp! 
Download for Apple                                 Download for Android

7. How is the beach managed actually?

For describing the use of the beach we have created a special page with all the information and news for 2021.
We remind you that our staff are equipped with safety devices (masks). The toilets and the material will be sanitized frequently as provided by the ministerial provisions.


In addition to the top 7 of the most frequently asked questions, here you find other information useful to make the most of your holiday at the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale.


The anti-Covid-19 prevention strategy is based on three simple fundamental principles:
1) use of the mask; 2) personal hygiene; 3) social distancing of at least one meter.

When should I wear the mask?

The Council of Ministers approved the extension of the state of emergency to 31st July 2021. The Decree introduces the obligation to always wear respiratory protective devices. The masks must be worn in closed places accessible to the public, and more generally in all those occasions where it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance. The only exceptions are children under the age of 6 and people with disabilities that are incompatible with the continued use of the mask. The use of the mask is not necessary during sport activities, sunbathing and when you go into the water (paying always attention to the minimum distance of one meter).

We kindly ask you to always be equipped with a protective mask if you move around the resort (to go to the theater, toilettes or restaurants, etc.) as it is considered a public space.

When should I wear the gloves?

Gloves are no longer needed, also in the supermarket, but we will ask you to sanitize your hands with alcohol-based gel.


To carry out the check-in operations on arrival, it will be enough that:

  • only one member of the family enters at the Reception
  • bring with you the identity documents of all the Guests who will stay in the resort, including children (passport, identity card or driving license, the tax code is not valid).
  • also bring the vehicle's number plate and credit card with you to pre-authorize the accommodation.

For the safety of all, we have introduced stations equipped for SELF CHECK-IN at the Reception, which will allow you to personally scan the documents and enter the necessary data independently and safely. Our staff will still be at your disposal and will assist you in the process. To minimize your waiting at the Reception, we invite you to PRE CHECK-IN ONLINE from the comfort of your home. Our system will send you an email a few days before arrival to carry out the procedure.


In the camping area you will find everything as it has always been, the pitches are the same as always. Our staff has been trained to help you to place tents, caravans or campers in the correct way: the mobile means of overnight accommodation for guests must be positioned inside delimited pitches, in order to guarantee compliance with the distancing measures between the various crews, however not less than 3 meters between the two entrances of the housing units, if frontal. The spacing of at least 1.5 meters must be maintained even if accessories or appliances are used (e.g. tables, chairs, sun loungers, deck chairs).


In our restaurants you will find the usual high quality. The way of service will be different, but the value will be the same as always. We have taken all possible precautions to allow you to enjoy good food without worries. The service for guests who choose breakfast, half board or full board provides an assisted buffet menu: you can choose from the buffet whatever you like, with the assistance of our staff. We will continue to have special attention for food intolerances and we will be able to offer delicious alternatives for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans as we have always done. The Ristorante “al Mare” will be operating starting from 15/05 for the lunch and dinner shift with restaurant and pizzeria menu and for cafeteria service. The other Resort's dining establishments will continue to offer “a la carte” menu with table service.

Try the Take Away & Delivery Service!

Taste our specialties in the privacy of your accommodation, we have  the Take Away & Delivery service.
With your smartphone you can book your meal comfortably lying under the sun umbrella and then you can decide if you prefer to go at the restaurant for the picking up or if we deliver it to your accommodation.
- this type of service is not compatible with meal packages (breakfast, half board, full board) -


How do I consult the restaurant or bar menu?

The menus will be accessible directly from your smartphone (click here). Near the restaurant and on the tables you will find the QR CODE to be photographed with the smartphone. The menu will appear directly on your phone.

Do I have to wear a mask inside the restaurant?

Inside the restaurant, customers must wear a mask whenever they are not sitting at the table.

Can it be consumed over the counter?

Consumption at the counter is allowed only with interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers.

Is it possible to book the restaurant?

Yes, reservations are strongly recommended, as there cannot be more customers inside the venue than there are seats. We remind our Guests that it is always possible to add breakfast, half board and full board to your booking. To book in comfort, call the telephone number Restaurant "Al Villaggio": +390431442630.


Yes, it is possible to pay in cash even if electronic payment is favored. We remind you that our cash desks are enabled for contactless payments with bancomat, with Apple Pay / NFC and with credit cards Maestro, MasterCard, CartaSì, Eurocard, Visa. The Italian legislation (Legislative Decree 201/2011) allows payments with cash only for amounts less than € 1,999.99. We don't accept checks.

New in 2021: now on you can pay in restaurants and caffeterias inside the resort with your smartphone!
Ask for the activation at the Reception upon your arrival. It's easy and it's free.


With the new provisions issued by the Veneto Region, we have reactivated the service that adults and children love so much, the VTI Train!
What will the modalities be? All passengers must wear a mask and disinfect their hands before boarding. At each change of passengers our staff will sanitize the seats, this may take a few minutes of waiting between departures, but we are sure that you will appreciate our commitment to the safety of all. Please, we will need your precious cooperation to respect the flow of people going up and down the train.


If you are not sure whether to leave or not, we advise you to wait before cancelling your booking: you have up to 7 days before arrival to do it. Every day the situation improves, and the restrictions could be only a memory in a few weeks. Come back to see us on this page in a bit to read the updates. If you want to book, discover our offers and choose the best solution for your outdoor holiday!


Haven’t you found the answers you were looking for?

Many say that it will be a special summer, we fully believe that it will be a particularly sought after, desired and ... finally arrived summer.
We are always at your disposal for any request, curiosity and detail. Our booking office is open every day from 8.30 to 19.00, you can contact our team without fear in order to leave for your next holiday in total tranquility.
Our Telephone number is +390431442611 or you can use the contact form to contact us by e-mail.