Our commitment is your guarantee of great holidays. Our mission is your satisfaction. 

Our resort, its services and its management are periodically subjected to quality controls to grant to you high standards. We have always cared for the environment, while thinking about client’s satisfaction. This is why we adopt new technologies and innovative systems.

These are the most important certifications we gained all over the years:

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And these are Bibione's certifications:

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Quality and environmental policy

TUVCertification 2018Being on holiday in our resorts means being in touch with the environment around us: we get to know new places, we have fun, we discover many aspects related to the territory, the local population and its traditions and at the same time we produce waste, consume water, energy and other natural resources. To protect this environment, for us and for our children, we want to respect the 17 sustainability principles for 2030 approved by almost 200 countries in the UN Assembly and we want to involve our guests.

We are therefore committed to:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of services to customers, respecting the environment, safety and the law make more effective;
  • Reduce the use of water, energy and resources and reduce waste prevent;
  • Reduce accidents and occupational diseases, for the respect of people who work with us;
  • Reduce the use of substances hazardous to the environment and safety;
  • Researching innovative products and technologies that enable us to continually improve efficiency and reduce risks in process management and the provision of services;
  • Train and sensitize our staff and all people who work for or on behalf of the organisation;
  • Supporting social initiatives, including those of third parties;
  • Purchase and distribute products at “Km 0” or in any other way with sustainability features;
  • Adopting fair and supportive labour policies;
  • Development of self-monitoring plans and procedures to prevent and manage emergency situations and environmental and safety risks; 
  • Take any advice from our guests, authorities or other interested parties.

Sensitive to the quality of the environment and the satisfaction of the customer, we have decided to adopt an Organizational Model, to appoint a supervisory body and to apply a Management System for the Quality of the Environment and Security that involves us all: management, employees and guests.
We wish our guests a good holiday and a good job to those who will help us to provide better service, less polluting and reduce risks this season! To ensure the continuous improvement of the management systems and the results they produce.

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale