In Villaggio Turistico Internazionale, creative is synonym of fun!

Scissors,  paper, pens, modeling paste…would you like to create objects and small artistic works with your own hands? Would you like to realize the best sand sculpture on the beach? Do you dream to become the musical or theatre’s hero for one magic night? Then kids, you are in the right place! Some examples?

  •           Painting school: close your eyes and imagine whatever you want! With pencils, temperas, felt-tip pens you will give life to your fantasy!
  •           Sand sculpture: would you like to create a sand castle with your bucket and spade or a whole kingdom with towers, ditches and crocodiles? On the beach.
  •          Kitchen lab: you will be a great little chef!

Other activities are waiting for you…circus, theatre and musical school…and what about Hip Hop?!

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